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Interview of excellent alumni: Dr. PEI long
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In 2008, PEI Long entered the School of Energy and Power Engineering of Huazhong University of science and technology for a bachelor study, and then he chose ICARE for pursuing a master’s degree in 2012. He went to Institut polytechnique de Paris for one year exchange in 2013. In 2017, funded by the State Scholarship Council, he went to Mine ParisTech for a doctorate. He obtained his doctorate in September 2020. Now he is continuing his postdoctoral research in Mine ParisTech and going to teach the students of class 2020 in ICARE.

Dream Start

PEI long was a little short of English ability at the beginning of his study in ICARE, the intensive course schedule and foreign language environment made him feel very difficult. To make up this gap, he had downloaded the courseware after class and restudied it again and again. When he found any problem, he consulted the teacher during the break. Finally, he successfully adapted to the new learning environment.

Chasing Dream in Paris

It was not a straight line for the doctoral study. In the process of scientific research, PEI Long has encountered many difficulties. Every time he encounters these problems, he would carefully analyze the causes of the problems, look for solutions, and deal with them calmly. Finally, PEI long successfully completed his doctoral defense in September 2020.

Wishes for ICARE

“I sincerely appreciate the platform provided by ICARE, and hope the institute will become better and better in the future, to cultivate more talents for China's renewable energy filed! I hope students from China and Europe can grasp the trend of new energy development!”