• Mission and Vision
Mission and Vision

ICARE has been founded within the framework delineated by the top level files such as “Financial Agreement” and “Bidding Guidelines”. These files also specify the educational orientation, institute system and management structure of ICARE. The general goal of ICARE is strengthening the capabilities of Chinato implement the sustainable energy policies, in particular to achieve the renewable energy and energy efficiency objectives and support the establishment of a sustainable, environmentally protective and highly efficient energy industry.

Based on the general goal, by high quality master programme, vocational training, research and consultancy service, ICARE aims to realize these specific objectives:

● Increasing the communication and cooperation betweenChinaandEuropein the field of clean and renewable energy;

● Facilitating the development and applications of clean and renewable energy inChinaand boosting the sustainable development of economy and society;

● Providing the postgraduate education of double masters’ degree and also high end vocational training in the fields of solar energy, wind energy, biomass, geothermal energy and energy efficiency, and improving educational level ofChinaon the clean and renewable energy;

● Establishing a cooperation and research platform for doctoral candidates.

In order to achieve the above objectives, ICARE mainly undertakes the educational activities in the fields of solar energy, wind energy, biomass, geothermal energy and energy efficiency, as following:

1. Master diploma education to confer the master’s degrees of China and Europe to qualified postgraduates (“Master Programme”)

The “Master Programme” starts with the Chinese Ministry of Education’s accreditation. As required by Article1.7.2, Annex “Description of the Action” of the financial aid contract, postgraduate students of ICARE will be granted the master diplomas of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and the European partner university after having finished all required courses and passed the thesis defense.

2. Vocational Training

(1) ICARE will provide clean and renewable energy training programmes and high quality, frontier and practical seminars hosted by high level experts and professors, for engineers, technicians and managers in the energy fields;

(2) Vocational training will also be customized on demands of enterprises. Other forms of training programmes such as summer course are also available.

(3) It will be initiated after obtaining the Chinese Ministry of Education’s accreditation.

3. Cooperated research and consultancy activities, including PhD exchange or joint cultivation (“Research and Consultancy”)

(1) ICARE will build an academic platform for cooperated research between Chinese and European experts, scholars and researchers, as well as enterprises;

(2) ICARE will also provide the consultancy services for governments, domestic and foreign enterprises, international organizations and other organizations.

(3) ICARE will exchange or jointly train PhD by engaging renowned professor as the PhD supervisory professors, sending the PhD candidates to study abroad, accepting foreign PhD students to visit or study in HUST and recruiting foreign students to pursue PhD research in ICARE. The other cultivation modes are also acceptable if they are within ICARE regulations.

4. Alumni/Members Events

ICARE will conduct the publicity campaign, business expansion and schoolfellow activities, establish the international specialist membership project, raise funds, build up the brand image and enhance its influence.

5. ICARE will also organize the other scientific research or educational activities to fulfill the missions with approval of competent authorities in China, European Commission and ICARE joint management committee.


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