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Job training camp: graduate sharing sessions
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 To raise students' awareness of career planning and development and broaden their employment horizons, ICARE hosted a graduate experience-sharing session divided into three sessions: a session on new energy, a session on electrical energy, and a prominent companies session.

1.      Special session on New energy

Sharing guest:

Mr. Du Zonggang emphasized that it is best to sort out the information in the initial stage of the job search. Then he told about his job search process from the beginning of June last year to the end of the recruitment campaign in the fall and encouraged students to put more effort into their job search and find the right job based on their self-image.


Mr. Wang Zhiguo gave a brief introduction to the current employment situation and encouraged students to learn about the employment situation as soon as possible.

2.      Special session on electrical energy

Sharing guest:

Ms. Ding Jiaqi contributed her experience in preparing for the State Net exam. She shared her valuable experience in four areas: Information gathering, resume writing, job search, and exam preparation.
Mr. Yan Xu received many excellent offers during his job search and finally joined Sunshine Power. Based on his job search experience in the fields of energy and power, consumer electronics and semiconductor crisps, he gave a detailed introduction of his job search experience, encouraged students to have the courage to try, and reminded everyone to think carefully when signing contracts.

3.      Special session on prominent companies

Sharing guest:

Mr. Ge Yongkai briefly introduced his research direction, recounted his experience with interviews, and listed common questions.

       Ms. Li Yuchen advised students to be calm and have confidence in their abilities when looking for a job.

       Mr. Liang Yongtao gave a lot of advice for job search. During the interview, one should take the initiative and steer the topic in a familiar direction and field.

      Through a series of experience sharing, students expanded their idea of employment, improved their career planning skills, and developed a deeper understanding and clearer goals for future job search planning.