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Job training camp / 2023 graduates experience sharing meeting session two
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A meeting was held by ICARE on May 22 in conference room N1312 to share the experiences of the 2023 graduates who are interested in pursuing careers in governmental bodies. The session focused on providing valuable insights from guest speakers, such as M
r. LAN Yu, a civil servant of the National Energy Administration, and Ms. Peng Jing, who passed the entrance examination of the government officers in Jilin and Hunan Province. 

The Officer of Student Affairs, Ms. Zhao Yiting, provided a detailed explanation of the policy and introduction of public examinations. She also explained that ICARE has a sound service system for students interested in pursuing careers in governmental bodies, including special training courses, the "Star Youth" project, and Yuzhu Program. Ms. Peng Jing shared her experience in the student selection process, from registration to interview review and exam preparation suggestions. She emphasized the importance of preparing in advance according to the standards of different provinces and shared some written examination questions from Hunan and Jiangxi. Finally, Mr. LAN Yu shared his experience as a civil servant, stressing the importance of preparing for the first interview and being relaxed during the second one.

Overall, the experience sharing provided valuable information for students interested in pursuing careers in governmental bodies, and the Job Training Camp provided support for those who want to pursue such careers. Students should make full use of these resources to achieve their career goals.