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Job training camp / Interview skills and resume
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 A Job Training Camp session was held at the New Energy Building by ICARE on May 31. The session focused on interview skills and resume composition. ICARE's Job Advisor, Mr. Li Zhitian, and the HR Manager of Schaeffler Group, Ms. Bree, were the guests. Mr. Li Zhitian explained how to prepare for interviews and answered questions from students. He also guided students who had questions about their resumes. Ms. Bree talked about China's new energy market employment situation, job hunting direction, and the entire job-hunting process. She also answered the students' questions. 


On June 2, Clean Energy Building S411 held a CV composing training session. Ms. Gu Li, from the HUST Career Guidance and Development Office, was invited to give a lecture to the students. She divided a complete resume into six parts, personal information, job intention, educational background, practical experience, honors, and skills certificates, and emphasized the writing method of each part. After the lecture, Ms. Gu Li went through the students' resumes one by one and provided additional modification suggestions.


The session on interview skills and resume training was a success. Through a series of lectures, students improved their job-seeking abilities. The Job Training Camp provided a solid foundation for high-quality employment for students.