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ICARE and Hubei United Investment Signed the Memorandum of Understanding
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On February 29th, ICARE and United Investment Europe SA ( Abbreviated as UI EUROPE) signed a "Memorandum of Strategic Cooperation on the Establishment of the Research Platform of European Green Energy in Europe" The signing ceremony was attended by Ms. Xue Qian, General Legal Counsel of Hubei United Investment East Lake Hi-Tech Group and President of UI Europe, Mr.Tian Luning, Director of Hubei Union Investment East Lake Hi-Tech Group Research Institute, and Dr. Zou Mingqing, Vice Dean of ICARE.


Hubei United Investment Eastlake Hi-Tech Group was established in 1993 and has a rich corporate history and diversified business scope. The company has built industrial development centers in South China, East China, Central China, and a European industrial development center in Belgium, leveraging its global industrial layout. Currently, the company ranks among the top four in China regarding industrial park operations. It holds the first position in the Waste-to-Energy flue gas treatment market share in China. The company also ranks among the top five in the industry in terms of installed capacity of thermal power flue gas treatment. It has a leading operation scale of water treatment in central China.


Ms.Xue Qian emphasized the importance of signing the strategic cooperation memorandum between the enterprise and the institute. The aim is to use the company's scientific and educational resources to establish a European green energy platform that promotes interaction and exchanges between Chinese and European institutions. This platform will facilitate the transformation of laboratory R&D results into successful technological innovations and will include Science and Technology Park Incubation as well as Industrial Base Industrialization. By leveraging our respective strengths, we will promote the development of talents and the successful implementation of research achievements.


Dr. Zou Mingqing has recognized the exceptional benefits of Hubei United Investment Wuhan East Lake High-tech Group Co., Ltd in expanding resources internationally. He noted that ICARE, based on the educational strengths of HUST, brings together the best scientific research resources from China and Europe. It also incorporates the enterprise partner system of French engineer training, enhances interaction and exchange of talent training, scientific and technological innovation, and student internship and practical activities. All these are achieved by establishing a platform for collaboration between industry, university, and research. This partnership aims to further enhance the quality of talent training, promote enterprise transformation and upgrading, and contribute to accelerating the construction of a strong science and technology country, resulting in high-level scientific and technological self-reliance.


Following the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, ICARE and UI EUROPE will work together, with a focus on new energy and international business areas. They will fully leverage their respective strengths and resources, strengthen school-enterprise collaboration, promote deep integration of the education, talent, and industry chains, and create a channel for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. This partnership marks the beginning of a new era of cooperation between the two organizations.