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China Southern Power Grid Energy Storage Co., Ltd visited ICARE
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On January 3, 2024, Ms. Pang Yongxin, the deputy general manager of the Evaluation Center of Southern Power Grid Energy Storage Co., Ltd, visited ICARE. Dr. Zou Mingqing, the vice dean of ICARE, along with relevant department staff, including Associate Professors Jin Kaiyuan and CAI Shanshan from the School of Energy and Power Engineering, Associate Professor Li Haomei from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Mr. Zhou Xuebin, the director of the Business Management Training Center of the School of Continuing Education, participated in the discussion.


Dr. Zou welcomed Ms. Pang and her delegation and briefly introduced ICARE's academic achievements and characteristics, which involve integrating the superior resources of China and Europe to create a strong teaching and research force. He also mentioned that ICARE aims to expand school-enterprise cooperation, cultivate usable talents for industry enterprises and promote economic and social development. Dr. Zou emphasized that ICARE can provide diversified and international vocational training and technical support for enterprises as an interdisciplinary international platform.


Ms. Pang praised ICARE's open attitude and strategic positioning for school-enterprise cooperation and explained the needs of Southern Power Grid Energy Storage Co., Ltd in green energy storage. Professor Hu Song, the director of ICARE’s Research Center, introduced the curriculum of the energy storage direction and the teams and technical advantages of both China and Europe sides.


Professors Li Haomei, Jin Kaiyuan, and CAI Shanshan respectively presented the curriculum, research basis, and joint scientific research projects in the field of energy storage. Mr. Zhou Xuebin introduced the mode and advantages of enterprise training.


The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on personnel training methods, knowledge framework systems, and online education models. The two sides also reached a consensus on utilizing the interdisciplinary strengths of ICARE, exploring the advantageous educational resources in the field of energy storage of HUST, and jointly promoting vocational education and training in the field of energy storage.