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ICARE held the Opening Ceremony for Class 2023
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On the afternoon of September 10, the Opening Ceremony for Class 2023 and the first class were held in Conference Room N102 of the Clean Energy Building. Professor Yao Hong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Energy and Power Engineering, Professor Luo Xiaobing, Chinese dean of ICARE, Professor Michel FARINE, European dean of ICARE, Mr. Sun Lu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Energy, Dr. Zou Mingqing, vice dean of ICARE, attended the ceremony.

At the beginning of the opening ceremony, Professor Luo Xiaobing welcomed the new students with an enthusiastic speech. He introduced the basic situation, training mode, school-running advantages and employment situation of ICARE in detail.

Professor Michel FARINE gave the freshmen another detailed introduction to the basic situation of PSL as one of ICARE’s partners, discipline construction, scientific research cooperation, etc., and encouraged the students to learn across disciplines to become comprehensive talents.

Professor Hu Song shared three points with the students: First, in the study, students need to have a passion to overcome the course challenges; Second, reasonably arrange time; Third, establish a good relationship with tutors and other students.

Freshman representative Ms. Chu Leyao put forward three suggestions to the students. First, have clear goals and independent innovation; Second, keep feet on the ground; Third, open the horizon of research.

Then, Dr. Zou Mingqing brought the first class for the students. He put forward three requirements to the students: first, have faith and serve the society; Second, use the university platform, from the course learning to scientific research; Third, clarify the goals of the future, expand the horizon and respond to challenges from career planning.

To celebrate the 39th Teachers' Day, students gave flowers to ICARE’s teachers to express their sincere wishes.