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Energy Conversion and Grid Control_Part I and II
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From October 8th to 19th, 2012 and December 3rd to 14, 2012, the Master2 (class 2013) course "Energy Conversion and Grid Contro_Part I and III" was taught by lecturers from Northumbria University and La Sapienza-CIRPS.

The general introduction of this course is as following:

Lecturer(s) :

- Dr Z. Gao (week 1, 20121008-20121012)

- Dr Eileen Tortora (week2, 20121015-20121019))

- Dr E. Bentley (week 3,20121203-20121207)

- Prof G. Putrus (week 4, 20121210-20121214)

Duration: 4 weeks

Introduction to theCourse:

This Course provides anintroduction to energy conversion systems, modelling of renewable energy source basedtechnologies and an in-depth analysis of grid integration ofrenewable energy sources. It covers power electronics devices and converters,technical impacts of distributed generation on the power system and quality ofelectrical power supply.

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